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Episode 1108 - Strategy

January 8, 2014 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Gots plan. Gots it?

Out of curiosity, how do you guys like this current story arc? It's one of the longest I've done to date -- this one being update #71. It divides up nicely into "acts", like a play or movie. Do you prefer the longer stories, shorter stories, or the one-shot types?

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7 Replies

  • Kedamono

    I've been enjoying it. I like seeing them work together to save Pollo and now Memu.

    This little exchange show how Enchilada gets into trouble... All action hero, very little action planner.

  • sevenfivel

    I like having a mix of long and short story arcs. It gives it a kind of "Calvin and Hobbes" feel to have sci-fi / super hero stories in the middle of everyday (?) life scenarios. : )

    Oh, and I really like the current ongoing story.

    • Audra

      Thanks so much for the comments! I'm already planning out some new stories and short bits, so that's good to know~

      Taking that question one step further -- Would you find it confusing if we updated multiple comics/stories, on different days?

      • Kedamono

        Not at all. If you're familiar with the webcomic The Legend of Bill by Steve Ogden, he has three different tracks running at the same time. Two are drawn by different artist I believe, but still, it wouldn't be too confusing, as long as the different threads are labeled as such.

        Just a side question, will be ever see Blue with the other pups? I haven't had the time to review the past issues of Nemu*Nemu to see if he appeared.

        • Audra

          I'll definitely keep that in mind! ★

          Blue hasn't appeared in the main story with the pups. I won't say it won't happen, because anything is possible -- but Blue has his own cast of characters he interacts with.

  • jmt

    I would be happy with multiple tracks if it meant we'd get to find out whether the pizza M and M made way back when ever got delivered and if we got to see Henshin Rider in action (hope he's better at action heroing than Enchi...) sometime.

    Would it be like Monday is one story, Wednesday is a different story and Friday is something else?

Webcomic Transcription


panel 1: The pups look over the crumbling wall to check on the witch and their friends.
Anpan: Hrm.
Enchilada: She sure ish crabby!

panel 2: Anpan concentrates on their next moves.
Anpan: OK. Anpan gots a plan. Anpan ish gonna distract da witch and create a diversion.

panel 3: He starts to draw out his plan as Enchilada looks on.
Anpan: Your job ish to sneak around da back and find a way to break her hold on Pollo and Nemu. Hopefully you can find one of those Galaxy Explorer Gadgets she was collecting to help. You gotsta work fast! Anpan can only distract her for so long.

panel 4: Enchilada doesn't seem to care.
Anpan: Gots it?
Enchilada: Yeah, yeah. Watever.

panel 5: He just wants to rock and roll!
Anpan: Did you even listen to wat I was saying?
Enchilada: Circles and squiggly lines... or shometing. Let's rock and roll!