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[Blue Hawaii] What's Up With This Weather?!

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  • ruubix

    haha yeah, i remember visiting hawaii and it was around 60 and everyone was wearing coats, when in florida year we have our Ac set to that and so does all the stores. Not that florida is much better it gets 40 (feels a little colder cause humidity) out and everyone looks to the sky for impossible snow.

    • Audra

      We usually wear sweaters/jackets if we're in a sub-70 degree office, unless it's sweltering outside. XD;

      I don't think the weather has ever dipped below 50 for most areas out of the mountain tops like Haleakala or Mauna Kea (where it does occasionally snow.)

  • TempleDog

    Uh, point of contention? -4 is the WARMEST it's been in Toronto. -16 has been the average. Don't tell Blue; is there such a thing as an inverse spontaneous combustion event?

  • Bane

    Here in minnesota it's warm when it's 20 degrees, speaking in comparison to winter weather, where the -20 is the low, and we've had that more lately. But I can see where your coming from. We get up to the 90's during the summer, though, so we get all the weather.

  • reynard61

    "What is up with this weather?!"

    Not the temperatures, *that's* for sure...