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Episode 1142 - Taco Talk

Taco Time
April 2, 2014 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Taco Time! Enchilada is referring to a magical lunch break-thru the pups had waaaaay back here.

Now that April Fools is finally over, I can safely announce that we have made it to the 8th anniversary of nemu*nemu comics!

It sometimes doesn't feel like it's been -that- long, but I've seen fans grow up over these past 8 years. I also cringe when I look at our old strips, but I surprise even myself when I look back at just how much work I've accomplished over that time.

This has by far, been the longest job I've held, and also been the most rewarding.

So thank -you- for being there to read it and following me along on this journey. :D

Meanwhile, I'm busy prepping for Kawaii Kon this weekend (amidst back pain that seems to come and go. :\). As I mentioned earlier, I'll have a limited number of copies of my new Blue Hawaii compilation. Online pre-orders of the print edition are also open -- I'll be shipping them out after the event. If you hate to wait, our digital edition is currently up in the e-goods shop. :D

I also haven't had a chance to fully tally out the total from my March donation/membership drive, but it's safe to say we've made the $50 per comic update goal! Thank you so much for your support! ★ The counter resets for the month of April, so let's see if we can meet that goal again!

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9 Replies

  • Jimmy

    Now I guess the question is will she get re-stuck in the force field, or is this another universe where the outcome of the future is completely different and Kitsy's still stuck in a parallel future?

    Obviously, I watch too many time travel movies and TV shows. ;)

    • Nekomikoto

      hmmm I think maybe parallel future? Since the box is already used up I don't think she can get stuck again O.O

      • Melita_H

        Hmm, I'm thinking parallel past in which the future will be different, as Jimmy there said (since they seemed to be flying past the time during which Kitsy visited the class)... Perhaps the universe in which Kitsy was trapped in the force field has just ceased to exist? Complicated space-time shtuffs are complicated. @.@

        And the box might be reusable? Especially since the witch isn't actually trapped in it... Plus since they still have the box, it seems entirely possible that Enchilada might show it to her to explain and then, like, drop it or something and accidentally trap her in it again. XD Though since they have Pollo now, I suppose that would be more easily resolved this time. :P

  • Tony

    Time travel: The ultimate way to freak people out :P

  • Audra

    Hey guys! I'm busy prepping for Kawaii Kon this weekend (starting Friday!) and just wanted to let you know that the comic is on hold until next week. So sorry for the delays!

  • Akustrei

    the last mimsy! yay~

  • PyrosNine

    I'm assuming that Enchilada lives with Kitsy because she somehow knew him before he met her, and told him that he lived with her. Enchilada being Enchilada, he accepted this information and free food, and lived with her. The reason she knew about him, was because THIS Enchilada from the future met her and came to live with her, and then went back to the present to free her from the cube having figured out how to use it. Or' somethin.

Webcomic Transcription

Taco Talk

panel 1: Enchilada is stuck in the brush.
Enchilada: How 'bouts giving Enchilada a hand here, Miss Kitsy?
Kitsy: What the…

panel 2: Kitsy can't understand what is going on.
Kitsy: How are you talking? WAIT! How do you know my name?!

panel 3: Enchilada tries to explain…
Enchilada: Enchilada knows all 'bouts Miss Kitsy. Wat say we go inside and have some tacos and…
Kitsy: Is this some sort of prank Am I getting punk'd?!

panel 4: but gets bombarded by questions from Kitsy.
Enchilada: No.
Kitsy: Are you by chance a magical stuffed bunny?
Enchilada: No.
Kitsy: Shucks.
Enchilada: How 'bout helping Enchilada get unshtuck?

panel 5: She finally helps him out of the brush.
Enchilada: Urgh!

panel 6: And she still can't figure him out.
Kitsy: So… What's the deal with you?
Enchilada: Ah~ Ish a long shtory.

panel 7: Enchilada has a one track mind...
Enchilada: I'll tell Miss Kitsy all 'bouts it over tacos!

panel 8: Taco time!
Kitsy: I-I don't have tacos.
Enchilada: Yes you do! Enchilada will show you!