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[Comic] Next Stop, Satoyama

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Next stop, Satoyama~

This (fan) comic was an idea Scott came up with while I was working on some ghibli-themed sketch cards for Kawaii Kon. :3 Satoyama isn't really a specific "town" or "village". It's sort of a space in-between the mountains and flatlands -- y'know, Totoro's perfect place to be.

Some of you may have seen me working on this earlier on Instagram or Facebook~ I finished inking (on watercolor paper with multiliners! It's been a while!) it a few days later and finally got around to experimentally screen toning it with Kyle Webster's screen tone Photoshop brushes. :D

(You may notice the moire pattern in the darker screen tones~ I worked on it at 600dpi and scaled down to 100dpi.. so it was bound to happen. The effect still looks OK tho~ ^^)

Scott thought I was going to take a humorous route, but I prefer keeping things simple and quiet. Enjoy!

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