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The Journey Back to the Drawing Table

0 Ish Good!


It's been a while since I last wrote out one of these -- and I'm so sorry for the long absence!

Long story short, I have on-going back problems, but learning to deal with it thru physical therapy and patience. (I probably have a harder time with the later than the former...)

Aside from learning to take better care of myself, I've also been making some business changes. Previously my business - "KimonoKitsy Studios" was a partnership between Scott and me. After dealing with over a year of tax hell, paired with Scott's promotion (and added responsibilities) at work, we decided it was best to dissolve the partnership LCC to a single member LLC and heft the business onto my shoulders -- as it probably should have been from the start.

Meanwhile, I've slowly been getting back to the drawing table with illustrations here and there. I apologize the monthly wallpapers, particularly for subscribers, have taken a back-seat to everything else. I'll be remedying that soon. Comics are a little further down the line. I'm still trying to get a better gauge on my work output.


Also, a few pieces I worked on before the back problems got out of hand, I can finally report back on! The Usagi Yojimbo piece I worked on for the Stan & Sharon Sakai fundraising project and auction was included in Dark Horse's "Sakai Project" artbook. Jason Yadao & Wilma Jandoc-Win also wrote an article for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser about the project and some of the local supporters who contributed. (It's a large article, so it may be under the subscription paywall.)


A friend also reported that my Hellboy fan piece was included in the San Diego Comic Con souvenir book. :D Woo! July has been a pretty news-worthy month!

Thanks so much for your patience! I'll have more to show for soon!

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