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The Journey Back to the Drawing Table

0 Ish Good!


It's been a while since I last wrote out one of these -- and I'm so sorry for the long absence!

Long story short, I have on-going back problems, but learning to deal with it thru physical therapy and patience. (I probably have a harder time with the later than the former...)

Aside from learning to take better care of myself, I've also been making some business changes. Previously my business - "KimonoKitsy Studios" was a partnership between Scott and me. After dealing with over a year of tax hell, paired with Scott's promotion (and added responsibilities) at work, we decided it was best to dissolve the partnership LCC to a single member LLC and heft the business onto my shoulders -- as it probably should have been from the start.

Meanwhile, I've slowly been getting back to the drawing table with illustrations here and there. I apologize the monthly wallpapers, particularly for subscribers, have taken a back-seat to everything else. I'll be remedying that soon. Comics are a little further down the line. I'm still trying to get a better gauge on my work output.


Also, a few pieces I worked on before the back problems got out of hand, I can finally report back on! The Usagi Yojimbo piece I worked on for the Stan & Sharon Sakai fundraising project and auction was included in Dark Horse's "Sakai Project" artbook. Jason Yadao & Wilma Jandoc-Win also wrote an article for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser about the project and some of the local supporters who contributed. (It's a large article, so it may be under the subscription paywall.)


A friend also reported that my Hellboy fan piece was included in the San Diego Comic Con souvenir book. :D Woo! July has been a pretty news-worthy month!

Thanks so much for your patience! I'll have more to show for soon!

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7 Replies

  • Kim

    TL;DR version: she got sucked up by aliens and will be back soon :-P

  • Kethral

    Hey Kitsy! Take care of that back. We'll keep checking back on you. BTW, GuyOni uses an inverter to stretch out his back and he says it works wonders. Maybe you should try it....

  • Dex

    You're taking care of yourself, and that's what's important. I think your fans know that health is the most important thing. We'll all still be here when you're ready to come back!

  • Bolilongxia

    U get better Audra ~ let those pup do some of the work around the house :3

  • Bolilongxia

    And cute photo too!

  • Nick

    Love the Usagi and Stan is a great guy!