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[LootAnime!] Open the VICTORY box!

0 Ish Good!

I am back with another LootAnime unboxing!

Alright. I confess I have no idea what the upcoming themes are for these boxes. What I thought was going to be "UNITY," based on some of the ads I had seen on Facebook, ended up being "VICTORY."


Anyhoo! Right onto the contents of this month's box!


Victory Box Front

Any guesses on the theme? :D Back to school, perhaps?

How about summery school sports! :D

I really love this box - it's shaped like a school locker and can be used inside out or design-side in!


Victory Box Back

1) Yowamushi Pedal T-shirt

With the Sohoku seal emblazoned on your front and back, in the iconic white, yellow, and red - you can certainly pledge your allegience to your favorite cycling school without looking out-right "otaku."

The shirt's pretty soft, with a simple surged hem for maximum elasticity. I think I'm going to use this one as my exercise shirt to draw on that Sohoku spirit to get thru the toughest parts of my routine~


Yowapeda Sohoku shirt front


Yowapeda Sohoku Shirt Back

2) Yowamushi Pedal #1 - Exclusive Metallic cover

Yen Press recently released the first couple manga in the Yowamushi Pedal series recently, and if you haven't picked it up already, the June LootAnime crate's got you covered! The metallic treatment to the title logo is pretty sweet! It's certainly -the- feel-good series of the past handful of years.

Note, the original editions of the manga are omnibus-style with multiple issues in one, so this is a great chance to get started!

Yowamushi Pedal #1 - Limited Edition

3) Splatoon Plush - Exlcusive Green

Splatoon looked like the unexpected breakout hit game in recent memory -- until Overwatch popped out of nowhere and took over my social media feeds. I still have some friends who are fanatical about Splatoon and it's quirky cast of characters. I've personally been enjoying the influx of art and parody.

JAKKs Pacific released a line of squid plush and this looks like an exclusive green color, only available thru LootAnime. :D As you can tell, he's quite an active participant of the VICTORY unboxing...


Splatoon Limited Edition Green Squid Plush

4) Free Luggage Tag

Just in time for summer travels, The Coop released a liquid-filled luggage tag, featuring the Free! cast on one side, and their spirit animals on the reverse. Super cute and fun to play with!


Free! Luggage Tag Back


Free! Luggage Tag Front

5) Free! Eternal Summer Water Bottle

Another season-appropriate item - an aluminum water bottle that has a trick up it's sleeve! Add cold water and the Free! cast will appear in the bubbles! It's the perfect size for travel and comes with a carabiner to attack to your bag. Stay hydrated!


Free! Water Bottle

6) LootAnime Victory Phone Charm

This is the first non-enamel charm of the LootAnime series and it certainly feels special! It's entirely gold with silver wing-trim and details are all stamped into the metal. It's quite solid and will defintiely stand out from the rest of the charm pack.


LootAnime Victory Charm

7) VICTORY Poster

This month's poster is by the amazing Finni Chang - check out her tumblr for more art!. It's a fantastic cycling sequence and one of my favorite of the lot so far! Also, this poster is also bigger than the previous ones! Wonder if it's the start of something new, particularly with LootAnime-chan's unnamed Rival-chan?


VICTORY poster by Finni Chang

There you have it! The LootAnime x Crunchyroll [VICTORY] box from June! Anything stand out for you this month? Let me know in the comments!

The LootAnime x Crunchyroll VICTORY box

I can tell you that our (original) Enchilada has taken quite a liking to the green squid...


Fast friends? Maybe.

Want to jump on next month's LootCrates? Use my link to get there and use code: NEMUNEMU at checkout for $3 off your next order!

Thanks again to LootCrate for sending me this awesome box of fun!

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