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[Blue Hawaii] Olympic Fever

0 Ish Good!

EDIT: Fixed it so the image is now clickable and Gizmo's font is 2pts larger!

Blue Hawaii, as printed in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on Sunday, August 14th!

To be honest, I kinda forgot about the Olympics until I started seeing news about all the gold medal wins in my social media feeds. XD; I guess this kinda happens when you don't watch TV regularly. ^^;

Have you guys been keeping up with any of the sports this time around? ★

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2 Replies

  • dav

    The font in this comic is illegible on my 1920x1080 PC screen. I can read the previous comic. BTW, it'd be nice if these comics were a bit larger.

    • kitsy

      Sorry about that - it was supposed to have been clickable so it could be properly viewed. X_X; You can view it here :

      We've been fixing things on the back-end after we upgraded things, and this sort of slipped thru the cracks.
      It's also my fault the text is so small - the fonts are different sizes, but I forgot to up the size on Gizmo's which is a little smaller than most fonts.