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[LootAnime!] Open the SQUADRON box!

0 Ish Good!

Hi folks! I am back with yet another unboxing/review of the LootAnime X Crunchyroll SQUADRON crate!

I'll be honest with you - I am not familiar with almost all of these series, so if I'm missing some of the context behind of some the items, let me know! So, this time around, I'll include the official description from LootAnime with a little text from me about the products.

This month's box, when flipped inside out looks like a military-grade briefcase, complete with coded keypad and a pop out handle. :D It looks really cool as a standalone box. :D


Anti-Magic Academy: 35th Test Platoon Scarf:
"This cosplay replica of Mari Nikaido's scarf will keep you warm when you're out hunting witches with the 35th Test Platoon! Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon tells the tale of a misfit squad of failures that must work together to neutralize magical threats."

The first item in the box is this amazing scarf - it's a knit scarf with surged edges at the tails. It's 100% acrylic, for those who have trouble with natural fibers (like me and wool;;). It's ligher than the Fairy Tail scarf from the ENCHANT box, so it just might be a little more comfortable to wear in the early days of autumn.


Aside from being an insta-cosplay item, it I think it works out nicely as a fashionable striped scarf. Add a few stars to feel patriotic, or wear it as it is for French je ne sais quoi. ★


GATE t-shirt:
"The aptly named GATE is about a mysterious gate that appears in the middle of modern day Tokyo, which allows monsters from a fantastical world to attack the city. This charcoal tee features the imperial flag of the Saderan Empire, one of the destinations in the GATE world."

Another series, I haven't watched, but y'know, with Pokemon Go fever going around, you could easily wear this shirt and hide among the Team Valor and Team Instinct masses... Also, the gold is slightly sparkly for added flair.

The design's pretty cool on its own and I like how the crate shirts have been neat additions to my wardrobe without appearing overly "anime otaku-ish". (FYI - I just wore my Sohoku Yowapeda shirt to Don Quijote last weekend when doing grocery shopping. XD)


GATE Multi-Tool Carabiner:
"The perfect tool for any JSDF soldier caught on the other side of the gate. This carabiner multi-tool features a bottle opener, hex tool, paracord, and PVC charm. Warning: does not work on dragons."

Funny thing, I've been eyeing these "survival" multi-tools when we visit our local Home Depot so I find it amusing that this crate actually comes with one! I can't quite say I'd entrust my life to one of these trinkets, but for something you can snap onto your backpack and go - it's pretty handy. Never know when you're gonna need to MacGuyver your way out of a bind. (I can actually use this reference again with the new series on its way! LOL;;)


Mobile Suit Gundam ASSAULT KINGDOM blind box toy:
"We've selected 16 GUNDAM figures from the entire Assault Kingdom toy line for this crate. Which one did you get? GUNDAM is a science-fiction francise about giant mecha and the humans who use them to do battle. Mobile Suit GUNDAM, the first anime series, pioneered the real robot sub-genre of mecha anime."

The one series I'm semi-familiar with! As my box says, I got #23: RX-178 GUNDAM Mk-II [TITANS] -- from Zeta/ GUNDAM ZZ. The instructions for assembly are printed inside the box, so don't destroy it when opening the carton!


It's a fully articulated ~4" figure with interchangable parts. The hand parts are connected to a plastic frame, so die-hard kit builders, get out your wire cutters! The paint job itself is a little rough, so perfectionists might want to give it a touch-up, but for a small blind box toy, this is pretty neat!


Arpeggio of Blue Steel Volume 1:
"Featuring a Loot Anime EXCLUSIVE cover, Arpeggio of Blue Steel tells the story of humanity's fight against sentient warships and their humanoid avatars. Can the Blue Steel privateers defeat the Fleet of Fog? Only one way to find out.""

I've only heard of this series in passing, but from what I gather, it's in a similar vein to Kantai Collection/KanColle, where ships are personified as human girls. For strategy buffs, this story certainly delves into the depths of naval warfare.. but with that added moe aesthetic that have made other series like Girls und Panzer and KanColle so popular in recent years.


LootAnime SQUADRON Phone Charm:
"Represent your SQUADRON with this replica dog tag phone charm. Welcome to the team, Agent."

Again, probably my most favorite part of the each monthly crate - this time, it's a cute pair of dogtag replicas that say "Agent 9, Loot Anime, Juy 2016".

It's the second full-metal/non-enamel charm in the lineup and I really ♥ this design!


SQUADRON Poster by LucidSky:
This is the second poster in my collection by LucidSky, the last one being HAUNTED. The illos still maintain the comic-theme feel with panels cutting into the main image, but since VICTORY the posters have gotten quite a bit larger - almost 1.5x the size of the older crate posters!


It's a pretty striking poster this time around. It also looks like Mascot-chan has 2 new partners -- I'm curious if they'll show up in future posters like blonde Rival-chan.

Check out more of LucidSky's work at their tumblr!

So there you have it! The SQUADRON box from LootAnime!


Any standouts from this box this time around? Again, I'm not too familiar with the series represented in this particular crate, but I really appreciate the variety of themes they shoot for. If one box isn't for you, there is sure to be another on the way that will certainly tickle your fantasy. :D

If you'd like to grab one of the upcoming crates, simply use my link to get there -AND- use code NEMUNEMU for $3 whatever plan you choose! The next crate theme looks like "BACK TO SCHOOL" and it has a handful of series I'm seriously interested in. ★


Thanks again to LootAnime for providing me with yet another awesome crate to review!

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