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[nemu*digital] shop updates & prepping for September

0 Ish Good!

Hi folks!

I'm back with a couple updates to the digital shop!

First up, the two recent digital desktop designs for July & August - that I'm particularly proud of how they turned out~:

Summer Succulents:

August School:

They're both available in the digital shop - pay what you like or join my Patreon for as little as $1 a month to get them delivered to your mailbox!

Speaking of Patreon, this month, digital sketchbooks are back in September! Thanks so much to all the participating patrons, old and new for making this happen!

One of the earlier milestones was to get some of my older work back online and we're actually working on that -right now-. I hope to unveil it at the end of the month!

If you'd like to see some of the art I've been working on recently, you can also check in at my Patreon for my many public posts! Also, the sketchcard theme request line is still open!

For those who can't help out monetarily, there are other ways to support the work I do! Simply click any of my Amazon links around the site before shopping and I get a small percentage kickback based on your sales for the referral! Every little bit counts! ♥ Also, sharing my work with friends is an even better referral and super appreciated!

In other news, Chris Caravalho of Mana Comics is currently running a Kickstarter for his second "Double-Feature" for the 'Aumakua Guardians of Hawaii series. This time around, he's featuring the Phantom Surfer and Seoul Hot -- one of which, I'm scheduled to draw when funding is reached!


Seoul Hot!

The comics-scene in Hawaii is slowly growing! Show your support and join in!

With summer just about over, it's time to look forward to fall! Can't wait!

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