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See the Sea Part 4
August 2, 2017 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Sorry for the one week delay! I'm back and continuing the story!

Anpan sure has come a long way since his meeting with Botcha Duck, but sometimes it's just hard to shake that fearful feeling. I admit - I still get wigged out when I swim in deep water where I can't touch the bottom.

I'm starting the new month at Patreon and still looking for more supporters to help keep the comic going! Aside from the reward perks, I also draw themed sketchcards for the top tier patrons. This past month was Persona themed, but August will be Yuri on Ice! I'll be drawing 15 cards total and doing a raffle with all the other eligible participating patrons for the the remaining extras! Keep an eye out on my instagram feed for art updates. :3

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