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Hina Matsuri

March '10 East Oahu Sun exclusive strip!

"Hina Matsuri /雛祭り", or the Festival of Dolls, is better known as "Girl's Day" around the world. It takes place every March 3rd and a number of things traditionally happen:

1) The peach blossoms should be in bloom around this time.
2) The stores are filled with pink, white, and light green sugar candies and arare, or sweetened rice crackers. (usually in the shape of little puffs)
3) The hina-ningyo are put out on display - usually representing the Emperor & Empress of Japan, wearing Heian style clothes. More elaborate displays can be up to 7-tiers high and include the entire court, trees, foods, furniture, and animals.
4) Partake lots of nyama rice foods like chirashizushi and mochi/dango. :D

I don't know about you, but this is one of the minor celebrations that I always look forward to. XD

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