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Steve Jobs Tribute

Scott, by all intents and purposes, is a true Apple Fanboy (TM) and by extension, a life-long admirer of Steve Jobs.

Thanks to Scott, I am a Mac-convert. I was a PC person until 2005 when for the purpose of this comic, he had me work on his Mac laptop. I was hesitant to make the change, but alas - aren't we all? It was the start of a beautiful new relationship. (In more ways than one.)

Skip ahead a little later, Scott showed me the now-famous 2005 Stanford Commencement address by Steve Jobs. If you haven't seen it, you can download it from iTunesU in both audio and video format.

Or like the rest of the world, catch it on youtube:

At the time, I was working a full-time day job and doing this comic in our shared spare time. I was so moved by this speech, I shared it with my office manager, who was also pursing artistic endeavors of her own. It was the catalyst that had us rethinking the idea of work and life purpose.

In 2008, I left my day-job to pursue this comic full-time. It hasn't been easy path to take and I certainly struggle day-to-day, but there hasn't been a morning I woke up thinking - "why am I doing this?". There are many more nights that pass in which I think. "I should be doing more", instead.

When I started doing solo shows away from home in 2009-2010, this commencement address was always on my iPhone or iPod. I listened to it when traveling to stay sane, grounded, and optimistic amidst the craziness.

So with the passing of Steve Jobs, it certainly feels like a mentor or a family member has left. One era has ended and a new one begins. Change is difficult, but a necessary part of life.

Thank you for paving the way, Mr. Jobs.

Also, Scott made a couple wallpapers as part of his own tribute. Click to download:



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  • thewindsoffate

    I've always been a PC person, but I respect all the innovations he helped bring into this world, including having one device function as music player, phone, computer and so much more. I can't imagine what society would look like without all his innovations, given how deeply they've integrated into how modern people get things done. RIP Steve Jobs

  • Shirley S Y S

    i have always been a mac user since the first time i set my hands on a computer .... which was back in high school! ever since, i have been a mac user ^^

  • S Y S

    i also have been a Mac user ever since i set my hands on my first computer, which was during a literature class back in high school. there is no stopping ever since.

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Steve Jobs Tribute
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