[Kickstarter Project] nemu*nemu Volume 6!

Posted by Audra Furuichi on November 27, 2011 8:57 PM

I hope everyone has recovered from their Thanksgiving feasting and crazy shopping sprees this past weekend!


Because we are launching our very first kickstarter project to print Volume 6~!

VISIT OUR KICKSTARTER PROJECT PAGE! (and view my video too!)

Extra side note: I came down with a cold and lost my voice when we starting recording this, so Scott jumped in for the voice overs. ^_^;)

The short version is, we need to raise $10,000 to cover the full cost of printing our 6th book in full color.

We've seen the reaction to Volume 5, being our very first professionally printed, perfect-bound, full-color book. We're just as impressed as you are, and we really want to continue this trend, but we seriously cannot do this without help.

This is where you come in!

Kickstarter projects are completely funded by pledges. Pledges can be in any denomination -- be it $1 or $1000. I crafted a number of pledge incentive packages to help sweeten the deal. Money is not collected by Kickstarter unless the goal is reached in the allotted time. In my case, December 26th!

So, make this a Christmas gift not only to me, but to all nemu*nemu readers out there who are anxiously awaiting the next book!

You have no money to pledge? No worries -- if you really want to help us out, please spread the news about this project to folks who you think may want to join in! Let's all use our connections to make this book possible!

We totally cannot do this without you! :D

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