Go Go Namco High!

Posted by Audra Furuichi on December 10, 2013 6:26 PM

If you've been keeping up with me on Tumblr or Twitter, you might have seen this earlier~ ♥


I've designed Blue Max (from Namco's Sky Kid) for the upcoming Namco High game that is officially launching on December 17th!


In short, this is a dating-sim type of game where you play the Katamari cousin and navigate the treacherous seas of high school... but in this case? Your classmates are none other than other famous (and perhaps infamous?) Namco characters... mixed in with a few misfits from the Homestuck universe. :3

Got your attention there, huh?

Anyhoo! They have preorders for unlock-able characters, amazing shirts designed by some of the other participating artists, and much much more. ★


ShiftyLook is also running a fan art contest for the game! CHECK IT OUT! Deadline is December 31st, so GET CRACKING. I hope to see some Blue Max drawings in there! ♥

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