Comic Transcription

Panel 1: Kana bows politely to the old man, while Anise runs off excitedly into the shop.
Kana: "Thank you for inviting us into your shop even though it's closed sir."
Old man: "Oh it's my pleasure! Feel free to look aroun-..."
Anise: "Gyahh!"
Panel 2: Anise looks excitedly at the, 'magic lamp.'
Anise: "Look at this! Look at this! Kana! Kana! Look! Look! LOOK!"

Panel 3: Anise holds the lamp in the air as though it was a prized possession.
Panel 4: Anise: "THAT I CAN'T AFFORD!!!"
The old man holds up a broom.
Old man: "Well... If you'd like to earn some money, I could use some help around here."

(Special thanks to Zyconis for the transcription!)