Comic Transcription

Botcha Machine

Panel 1: Anise is holding Anpan in one hand and Mr. Buns in the other. Anpan looks frightened.
Anise: For goodness sake! Why can't you two be FRIENDS?!
Anise looks annoyed.
Anise: Mister buns is just a toy!

Panel 2: Anise lifts Anpan closer to her face as she sniffs him.
Anise *thinking*: Hrm...
SFX: *sniff* *sniff*

Panel 3: Anise lifts Mr. Buns closer to her face as she sniffs him as well.
Anise *thinking*: Hrm..
SFX: *sniff* *sniff*.
Anpan looks annoyed.
Anpan: ?!

Panel 4: Anise, using a box as a step, holds both Mr. Buns and Anpan over the washing machine.
Anise: Botcha machine for BOTH of you!

(Special thanks to Nekomikoto for the transcription!)