Comic Transcription

Is It Over Yet?

Panel 1: The washing machine buzzes to indicate that it has finished washing.
SFX: *Buzzzzz*
Anise: YAY!

Panel 2: Anise holds Anpan in her hands.
Anise: Anpan! You okay?!?
Anpan looks very dizzy.
Anpan: ...Ish it over yet?
Anise: You're still a little soggy...

Panel 3: Anise turns Anpan over and holds him upside down.
Anpan: ?
The tag on the bottom reads "Machine Wash. Tumble Dry."

Panel 4:
Anpan is inside the dryer as Anise sits back down on the box.
Anise: Sigh.

(Special thanks to Nekomikoto for the transcription!)