0063 The Animals Of The Wild
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The Animals of the Wild

September 22, 2006| Permalink | Comic Archive

The animals of the wild are no match for the fiercest predator of all...

Comic Transcription

The Animals of the Wild

Panel 1:
Narration: The mighty elephant roams the land...
An elephant is standing in the savanna as he lifts his upper body and raises his trunk up.

Panel 2:
Narration: A hungry tiger slowly creeps up on the unsuspecting prey...
A tiger creeps through in the tall grass.

Panel 3:
Narration: But a bigger, hungrier threat is hiding in the shadows!
The elephant and tiger look up at a giant shadow in the shape of Anpan.

Panel 4: Anpan puts an animal cracker in his mouth as Nemu cries out.
Nemu is in tears as Anpan eats the animal cracker.
SFX: *munch* *munch*

(Special thanks to Nekomikoto for the transcription!)