0150 Unlimited Storage
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Unlimited Storage

Have you ever had one of those friends that carried just about everything in their bag? You knew you could always depend on them for stuff like a fork, kleenix, maybe even some lip balm or a spare pen or masking tape. Kana is that kind of pal!

Comic Transcription

Unlimited Storage

Panel 1: Kana is kneeling on the ground, opening up her backpack. Anise is sitting on the ground behind her.
Kana:How about we play a game?

Panel 2: Kana starts tossing each item behind her at Anise. Anise is frantically blocking and catching them.
Kana: I've got cards, jump rope, cubics rube...

Panel 3: Anise has her arms full.
Kana:Sketch books, Chinese jacks, checkers, chalk...
Anise: How does this all fit in your bag?!

Panel 4: Kana is looking confident and holding a fishing pole. Anise has her hands on her hips and one eye closed.
Kana: Good organizational skills![quietly]Fishing pole?

Transcription by Matt Westberry