0151 Dog Training
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Dog Training

Anise thinks Anpan and Nemu should act more like dogs. What does she mean?! What does she have in mind?

Comic Transcription

Dog Training

Panel 1: Anise, Anpan, and Nemu are sitting in the grass.
Anise: Sometimes I wonder if you two should act more like dogs.

Panel 2: Anise is sitting up on her knees and holds up a finger.
Anise:Hrm. Let's try something new!
Anpan: Eh?

Panel 3: Anise is rummaging through her backpack. Anpan and Nemu are standing in the background.
Anise: Kana's always prepared for situations like this...
Nemu: [in background]Play game? Nemu like!

Panel 4: Looking down from above, Anise is holding up a red frisbee disk that is radiating light while Nemu and Anpan stand beside her and look up at it.
Anise: Eureka!

Transcription by Matt Westberry