0159 Gotta Have It
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Gotta Have It!

June 20, 2007| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anise and Anpan spot a gashapon machine with a new collection of Henshin Rider figures! Anpan wants a Ghost Pizza Rider toy...

Comic Transcription

Gotta Have It

Panel 1: Anise holds her hand under her chin in a thinking position while Anpan sits on her head. A toy capsule dispenser is in the background.
Anise: Whoa! It's the latest Henshin Rider Gashapon collection!

Panel 2: A close-up of the available toys in the dispenser.
Anise: OOH ~ They look so cool!

Panel 3: Anise and Anpan lean closer to the dispenser.
Anpan: Look Ani! Anpan see Ghost Pizza Rider at bottom!

Panel 4: Anise dumps her coinpurse into her hand while Anpan hangs onto her shoulder.
Anpan: If Ani try hard, Anpan think Ani can get Ghost Pizza Rider!
Anise: Let's check the bank!

Transcription by Matt Westberry