0160 Luck Is On My Side
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Luck is On My Side

June 22, 2007| Permalink | Comic Archive

Looks like Anise has 3 coins which means 3 tries with the gashapon machine. With Ani's luck, who knows what she'll get!

Comic Transcription

Luck Is On My Side

Panel 1: Ani's palm with three coins in it.
Anise: Hrmmm...3 tries.

Panel 2: Anise with her fists in front of her chest, looks determined. Anpan is on her shoulder.
Anise: Luck is on my side! I can feel it!
Anpan: [softly]Anpan too!

Panel 3: Anise has put a coin in and is turning the knob on the dispenser.
Anise: Anything but Space Cow...Anything but Space Cow...
Anpan: [softly] Go Ani! Go Ani! Ani can do it!

Panel 4: Anise looks sad with dramatic dark clouds behind her while holding the toy. Anpan is on her shoulder.
Anise and Anpan: Space Cow!
Anpan: [softly] Ani still got two more tries! Go Ani!!!!

Transcription by Matt Westberry