0161 Three Little Pigs
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Three Little Pigs

June 25, 2007| Permalink | Comic Archive

Nobody likes to get duplicates, but triplicates?! Ani has the worst luck but Anpan has a plan.

Comic Transcription

Three Little Pigs

Panel 1: Three Space Cow figures standing beside each other.
Anise: What are the chances?!

Panel 2: Anise and Anpan sitting at a table booth with their chins on the table. The three Space Cow toys are on the table.
Anise: Three Space Cows in a row. Now we've got no money for snacks...what to do...
Anpan: [quietly] *sigh* No pizza or root beer!

Panel 3: Anise and Anpan with chins on the table. Anise glances over at Anpan.
Anpan: Anpan know! Ani ask Kana for help...just like last time!

Panel 4: Kana talking on her phone.
Anise: [to self] I already know what she's gonna say...
Kana: Again?! I refuse to encourage this silly addiction of yours.

Transcription by Matt Westberry