0211 Nemesis
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December 12, 2007| Permalink | Comic Archive

It seems like Anise has met her match! Anise begins to vent to Kana about her day, but guess who gets the last word in?

Comic Transcription


Panel 1:Anise and Kana walking home from school. Anise is very angry.
Anise: The NERVE of that guy!!!

Panel 2: Anise throws her arms up in the air. Kana notices something behind her.
Anise: Convert Me?! I'm Henshin Rider's #1 Fan!
Kana: Um-

Panel 3: New student riding on a bicycle and wearing Hanshin Flyer helmet, whizzes past the girls. Anise is shocked.
New Student: Catch ya later- Old Skool Riders!

Panel 4: Anise yells at him