0217 Come Out And Play
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Come Out and Play

December 26, 2007| Permalink | Comic Archive

Nemu is so happy to have a new friend that he can't wait to introduce him to everyone. But Anpan is no where to be found? Where'd Anpan go?!

Comic Transcription

Come Out and Play

Panel 1: Nemu walking around the house with his new pal, Mister Gingerbread man.
Nemu: Anpan ~! Anpaaan! Nemu has new friend!

Panel 2: Nemu puts Mister Gingerbread Man down and searches everywhere for Anpan. Even checks out places to see if Anpan is hiding from him.
Nemu: Heyo? Here? No...

Panel 3: Nemu talks to Mister Gingerbread Man.
Nemu: OK Mister Gingerbread Man- Wait here while Nemu get other friends to come play!

Panel 4: Mister Gingergread man can only wait...
Mister Gingerbread Man: ...