0220 Unwrapping A Puzzle
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Unwrapping a Puzzle

January 2, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Theres more Christmas gifts for Anpan and Nemu! What kind of gift will they pups get? What's in this Pandora's Box?

Comic Transcription

Unwrapping A Puzzle

Panel 1: Kana gives Nemu and Anpan a Christmas present while Anise looks on
Kana: Merry Christmas, Boys!
Nemu: Ish a present!
Anpan: Pizza?

Panel 2: Nemu shakes the box to see if he can tell what's inside?
Nemu: Heyo?
SFX: *shakey* *shakey*
Anpan: Nemu! Take paper shtuff off!
Nemu: Ohhh!

Panel 3: Nemu unwraps the gift and finds a cool Henshin Rider Puzzle box. Anise motions to Nemu to open it while Anpan watches.
Nemu: Ooh! Ish a pretty picture of Henshin Rider!
Anise: No No - You hafta open the box!
Nemu: Ohhh!

Panel 4: Nemu and Anpan look distressed after Nemu opens the box. Anise looks over their shoulder.
Nemu: Oh Noes! Nemu broke it!
Anise: It's a puzzle - it's supposed to be that way...
Anpan: Wat kinda gift ish dis?!