0221 Puzzling
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January 4, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Nemu and Anpan give putting the puzzle together a shot, but it might be harder than anyone could have expected.

Comic Transcription


Panel1: Nemu and Anpan look intently at the puzzle before them.
Anpan: Hrmmm...

Panel2: Nemu tries to put some pieces of the puzzle together.
Anpan: No!
Nemu: No!

Panel3: Anpan looks at Nemu as Nemu hopelessly tries to put the puzzle pieces together. None of them fit.
Nemu: No! It no work!! Nemu cannot fix!

Panel4: Anise turns to Kana and whispers to her. Kana looks quite upset.
Anise: Was it really a good idea to get them a puzzle?
Kana: You said it'd keep 'em busy for hours! Looks like you're right!