0225 Princess Of Hanetsuki
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Princess of Hanetsuki

January 14, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

The game is on! But will Anise be victorious this year or will it be Kana? Game on! Level UP!

Comic Transcription

Princess of Hanetsuki
Panel 1: In a video game like setup, Anise and Kana are playing their New Years game of Hanetsuki! Anise volleys the ball off of her paddle toward Kana. Round 3! Looks like Kana has the upper hand since Anise has 1/4 of her hit points left.

Panel 2: Kana volleys the ball back toward Anise! She still has a very high level of hit points left! 2700 points in Kana's
Kana: Here it comes!

Panel 3: Anise swings but misses! Her hit points are gone! 230 points!
Anise: ACK!

Panel 4: Anise stands still with her eyes closed as Nemu draws a black mustache on her face. Kana is holding Nemu and Anpan is on Ani's head.
Nemu: Game over man!