0227 One Track Mind
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One Track Mind

January 16, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Kana and Anise contemplate the New Year while Anpan has a resolution of his own... well maybe it isn't really a resolution after all...

Comic Transcription

One Track Mind

Panel 1: Kana is holding Nemu and talking to Anise who has Anpan on her head.
Kana: So... Any goals for the new year?

Panel 2: Anise thinks a bit Anpan sits up on Anise's head as she begins to talk.
Anise: Not really - other than the usual. You know - starting projects early, keeping the house clean, helping pa out...

Panel 3: Anpan raises his paw!
Anpan: And eating MORE PIZZA!

Panel 4: Anise looks upward toward Anpan and quite perturbed. Anpan looks down at Anise.
Anise: Is that all you think about??!
Anpan: What else ish dere?