0232 Just A Little Sugar
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Just A Little Sugar

January 27, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Will Nemu's day turn as grey as Poi? Or will Kana save the day and bring a little sweetness to this episode?

Comic Transcription

Just A Little Sugar

Panel 1: Nemu is sitting in the booth next to Kana at Wiki Wiki Coconut Tiki's. Kana hands Nemu the small bowl of Poi.
Kana: Here Nemu - have some poi!
Nemu: Poi?

Panel 2: Looking really sad after taking a spoonful, Nemu tells Kana what he thinks.
Nemu: Gooey ish good but... TASTES FUNNY!

Panel 3:Kana opens a small packet of sugar and drops it into Nemu's bowl of poi. Nemu looks in wonder.
Kana: A little trick I learned from my Hawaiian Pen Pal!

Panel 4: Nemu's frown turns into a smile as he tastes his sweet delicious treat!
Nemu: Ooh! Ish just like dessert!