0234 Origins Of The Obsession
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Origins of the Obsession

February 1, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

What's the ultimate super food? Anpan gives his opinion on what he feels is the best food for all...

Comic Transcription

Origins of the Obsession

Panel 1: Anise has Anpan on her head and Kana is being held by Nemu.
Anise: Say - why do you like pizza so much anyways?

Panel 2: Anpan explains.
Anpan: Pizza ish da ULTIMATE FOOD!

Panel 3: Anpan starts talking and surrounding him are vegetables, cow and pig, cheese and bread.
Anpan: Pizza got EVERYTHING! Cow, green shtuff, cheese, pizza sauce and bread! Ish a shuper food!

Panel 4: Anise, Kana and Anpan are surprised by Nemu's response.
Nemu: But what about peanut butter 'n ice cream?!