0237 Freshly Made
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Freshly Made

February 8, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

What to do with all those Peanuts and Butter? Why make a sandwich of course! Then what? Give it away for free!

Comic Transcription

Freshly Made

Panel 1: Anise and Kana are in the living room talking to each other when Anpan and Nemu come by with some snacks.
Anpan: Freshly made PBJ's! Freshly made PBJ's!
Nemu: Try 'em for free!

Panel 2: Anise and Kana happily take the sandwiches.
Kana: For us? Why thank you!
Ansie: Wow - You've got them well trained...

Panel 3: Anise and Kana take a bite while Nemu and Anpan watch.
Anise: Nothing like a freshly made PBJ!
Kana: Yup! And a specially made one at that!

Panel 4: The girls chomp down on their surprise sandwich! With eyes wide open and faces of surprise!