0238 Mishter Peanut
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Mishter Peanut

February 11, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

So if you can't make peanut butter with peanuts and butter... where DOES peanut butter come from? Kana has the answer!

Comic Transcription

Mishter Peanut

Panel 1: Nemu and Kana have a little discussion
Nemu: Kana mama ~ Where peanut butter come from?

Panel 2: Nemu imagines what Mr. Peanut looks like as Kana explains where Peanut Butter comes from.
Kana: Why, Mister Peanut of course!

Panel 3: Nemu looks surprised. Kana seems curious as to why Nemu makes that face.
Nemu: !
Kana: ?

Panel 4: Nemu goes into a panic and Kana tries to calm him down!
Kana: W-wait! What were you thinking?!