0239 Sleepover
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February 13, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's time for bed, and after a great bed time story, Anpan and Nemu head off to sleep... but what are Anise and Kana up to? Anpan wants to know!

Comic Transcription


Panel 1: Kana is reading a story to Nemu and Anpan while Anise listens in.
Kana: And the Pirate sailed away into the sunset... the end!
Nemu: Oooh!

Panel 2: Kana and Anise put the pups into their beds which is actually the top dresser drawer in Kana's room.
Anise: Alright boys - time for sleep!
Nemu: Yay! Shleepovers are fun!

Panel 3: Anise and Kana tuck the boys in and walk toward the door. Anpan notices something odd, while Nemu is happily closing his eyes.

Panel 4: Anise and Kana turn around to talk to Anpan.
Anpan: Kana Mama and Ani no shleep??
Anise: Err.. um- we'll be back soon!