0259 Prison Break
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Prison Break!

March 31, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Can anything stop Nemu from having getting some cheesy shtuff for lunch? Probably not!

Comic Transcription

Prison Break!

Panel 1: Nemu is behind the fence and lying down. He's bummed that Anpan didn't come back for him.
Nemu: - sigh -

Panel 2: Nemu notices a smell in the air and sits up to check it out... what could it be?
Nemu: *sniff* *sniff*

Panel 3: Nemu leaps up in excitement! It's food! It's time to eat!
Nemu: Oooh! Nemu shmell grilled cheesy shtuff!

Panel 4: Nemu runs toward the other hallway doorway!
Nemu: Nemu hungry! Nemu coming!