0263 The Virtues Of A Real Dog
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The Virtues of a Real Dog

April 9, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Nemesis sure knows how to make an entrance... and the gals and pups sure know how to make an exit!

Comic Transcription

The Virtues of a Real Dog

Panel 1: Nemesis finds Anise and Kana with his dog Sam. Anise, Kana and the pups are forced to talk to him.
Nemesis: Hey hey Henshin Slowpokes!
Anise: *ugh* It just had to be you...

Panel 2: Nemesis eyes up Anpan who is sitting on Anise's head
Nemesis: Do you carry those stuffed dogs with you everywhere?
Anise: What of it?

Panel 3: Anise and Kana turn their backs on Nemesis at this point. Both are quite upset.
Nemesis: Why don't you guys get real dogs?
Kana: (quiet and calmly) Let's go.

Panel 4: Nemesis is left standing alone and shocked as the girls, pups and even Sam the border collie turn and walk the other way.