Episode 282 - Vacation


Anise has searched everywhere for her old pal Mister Buns... where could he have gone? Only Anpan knows!

Comic Transcription


Panel 1: Anise's room is a mess. Ani is digging through a box on the floor looking for something. Anpan is playing with a toy animal.
Anise: Hey Anpan - have you seen Mister Buns around? I can't find him and I've looked just about everywhere...
Anpan: Mishter Buns ish on vacation.

Panel 2: Anise turns around to face Anpan... a bit dazed and confused.
Anise: Vacation

Panel 3: Soon, she realizes what has happened and is now in shock!

Panel 4: Mister Buns and Nemu are off at the beach! Mister Buns has a lei and an inner tube on. Nemu got sunglasses.
Mister Buns and Nemu: SURFS UP!