Episode 290 - Missed Connections

Missed Connections

Anise is desperate to find her lost buddy! She says a little prayer and runs off to search for him! Meanwhile Anpan is torn...

Comic Transcription

Missed Connections

Panel 1: Anise is worrying about her lost buddy and wringing her hands. Anpan, the little girl and her mom are walking in the opposite direction.
SFX: *wring* *wring*

Panel 2: Anise looks up to the sky and prays. Anpan hops out of the red wagon.
Anise: Dear God - I promise never to neglect my friends again! Please bring Anpan back!
SFX: *hop*

Panel 3: Anise tearfully runs off to find Anpan while Anpan is running after he from behind!
Anise: I can't go home without Anpan! I gotta keep looking for him!

Panel 4: Anpan does a double take... first toward Anise but then back to where the hope of Pizza is moments away!
Anpan: Where Ani going?! PIZZA!