Episode 291 - Food or Friend

Food or Friend?

June 11, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anpan has to make a decision quickly! What will he do? He's torn between Food and Friend!

Comic Transcription

Food or Friend?

Panel 1: Anpan contemplated what to do... it's a tough decision... or is it?
Anpan: Ani... or Pizza?!

Panel 2: Anpan watches the little girl pulling her red wagon of toys holding onto her moms hand as they walk down the path.

Panel 3: Apan watches Anise run off to look for him...

Panel 4: Anpan makes his decision... ANISE! He runs to her and Ani turns to see him.
Anpan: Ani!
Anise: Anpan?!

Panel 5: Anpan leaps into the arms of his owner! Anise welcomes him with arms wide open and tears in her eyes.
Anise: OMP! Where in the WORLD have you been??
Anpan: Hunting for Pizza! Ani gots shome?