Guest Comic by Hakai

A very cute guest strip by local artist, "Hakai"!

Guest Comic by Hakai

June 20, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's fun to ride around in roller skates, but what if you're a small pup?

Comic Transcription

Guest Webcomic by Hakai

Panel 1: Nemu and Anpan found an old roller skate! Nemu jumps up on it.
Nemu: Lookie what Nemu found~!

Panel 2: Off they go, rolling around the place! Anpan and Nemu hang on!
Anpan and Nemu: This ish fun~!!

Panel 3: The roller skate hits the rock and they both go flying off!
Anpan and Nemu: OMP!

Panel 4: They both go flying into Kana.
Kana: Nemu?
Nemu: Ish safer with Kana mama!
Anpan: Where Ani?!