Episode 320 - Grunda Bunitowowa

Gruda Bunitowowa

September 17, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anise can't believe what she's heard! Didn't Kana or the pups hear the secret message when Anise played the record on the turntable?!

Comic Transcription

Gruda Bunitowowa

Panel 1: Anise holds on to her head as she can't believe what she just heard. Kana, Nemu and Anpan are unfazed.
Anise: Are you serious? You didn't hear anything?!
Kana: Nothing Unusual.

Panel 2: Anise can't believe Kana didn't hear a thing. Anise asks the pups if they heard something. Anpan raises his paw.
Anise: You two didn't hear anything either?!
Anpan: Anpean hear shtuffs!

Panel 3: The pups have got Anise's attention now! Anise questions Anpan and Nemu on what they heard.
Anise: Really? What'd you hear?? Was it a cryptic message? A really creepy voice?
Anpan: Yup!
Nemu: Nemu too! Real shpookers!

Panel 4: Anpan and Nemu recite what they heard from the record player! Anise is not amused.
Anpan: Da voice say: Gruda bunitowowa boohnu foo loohu!
Nemu: gromp oglo roogita fooga
Anise: That's not what I meant!