Episode 322 - Long Winded

Long Winded

September 22, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

The Ghost of Technology Past has finally gotten Anise's attention. What does he want from her? Why is she the chosen one?

Comic Transcription

Long Winded
Panel 1: Anise is intently listening to the turntable which is inhabited by the Ghost of Technology Past.
Ghost of Technology Past: YoUR MisSIon- sHOulD YoU cHOosE to ACcePt- SAvE uS fROm eNdINg uP In a LaNdFilL... ExTiNCTiOn- DeMoLiTIon...
Anise: Sounds serious!

Panel 2: Anise nods in agreement as she listens on.
Ghost of Technology Past: We hAVe FaitHfullY sErVED MaNkINd... bUt WhEn SomEThinG nEW ComES AlOnG, we ARe CAst AsiDe- DeCOmMiSsiOnED. ForGoTTen.
Anise: I totally hear ya.

Panel 3: Anise gets a bit intense and starts to throw her arms up in the air.
Ghost of Technology Past: bUT, TheRe aRE tHe FEw, ThE LoyAL WhOM wE CaN EnTruST-
Anise: Like old stuff doesn't necessarily mean it's junk! I like to think of it as CLASSIC... even RETRO-

Panel 4: Anise realizes that she's interrupting...
Ghost of Technology Past: WiLL YoU LeT Me FinISh?!
Anise: Oh. Sorry.