Episode 326 - My Calling

My Calling

October 1, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Kana's almost finished cleaning up the living room. Now it's time to throw out the old stuff. Will Anise be able to dump her old stuff?

Comic Transcription

My Calling

Panel 1: Anise stops to check on Kana's progress in the living room. Kana is busy packing things into a box.
Anise: So how’s it going?
Kana: Just about done. Everything is sorted. Books & music in the shelf, clothes in boxes. Toys are in the closet.

Panel 2: Kana hands the large box of electronics to Anise
Kana: I put all of the old broken electronic stuff in here. Help me take it to the dumpster.

Panel 3: Anise looks into the box and sees all of the old cell phones, pages, and electronic toys she had in the past.
Anise: It’s pa’s old cell phones and pagers! Oh no! My old tape recorder and mini disc player! I must save them!

Panel 4: Anise carries the box and motions toward putting everything back. Kana can't believe it.
Anise: Um.. I think I’ll hold on to these...
Kana: B-but they’re broken!