Guest comic by Jeffbot - Flower Power

Guest Comic by JefBot - Flower Power

October 15, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Kana's got a flower for her ear and now Nemu's gotta have one too! Another wonderful comic by Jeff Schuetze of JefBot!

Comic Transcription

Guest comic by JefBot - Flower Power

Panel 1: Nemu sees that Kana has a flower in her hair and wants one too. Anpan is eating a pizza.
Nemu: Nemu want flower like Kana Mama!
Kana: Okay!

Panel 2: Kana puts a flower behind Nemu's ear.
Kana: During our trip to Hawaii I learned that you put a flower over your right ear if you're single... or over your left ear if you're not.

Panel 3: Nemu takes the flower and sticks it in his ear!
Nemu: What it mean if you put flower IN da ear?

Panel 4: Anpan answers Nemu's question while Kana gets a giggle out of it. Nemu isn't to happy though.
Anpan: Dat mean you shtoopid.