Episode 338 - Brain Surgeon

Brain Surgeon

October 31, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Dr. Horrible Anpan is in his laboratory doing something secret and horrible just for you this Halloween!

Comic Transcription

Brain Surgeon

Panel 1: Anpan is dressed up like a scientist with his goggles on and a giant spoon in paw. Nemu sees him and wonders what he's up to.
Nemu: Hey Anpan! What doing?
Anpan: Hold on... Anpna ish in da middle of a serious operation!

Panel 2: Anpan dons the goggles and lowers the spoon. Nemu looks on curiously...
Anpan: Dis part need all of Anpan's attention! Shteady... shlowly... OKAY! Anpan gots it!
Nemu: ?

Panel 3: Anpan pulls out the spoon! Nemu screams in terror!
Nemu: AUUGH!!!

Panel 4: Anpan, standing in front of a large pumpkin lifts the goggles and turns to see Nemu on the floor.
Anpan: Okay! nemu ready to make da Jack-O-Lantern? Nemu?
SFX: thump