Totally Healthy!

November 7, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Frozen Yogurt is almost better than ice cream! We can eat as much as we want because it's healthy right? Hmmm... maybe?

Comic Transcription

Totally Healthy!

Panel 1: Anise and Kana are at the fro-yo bar. Anise is making a swirl mix of her favorite frozen yogurt.
Anise: Frozen yogurt is the Henshin Diggity! Almost better than ice cream!

Panel 2: Anise closes her eyes as she imagines just how yummy her fro yo will be. Kana watches her.
Anise: All the yummy stuff without all the guilt!
Kana: True, but only in moderation.

Panel 3: Anise scoops a load of toppings onto her Fro-yo as Kana watches on in surprise
Anise: The sign says it's TOTALLY HEALTHY! I'm gonna eat as much as I like!
Kana: You do realize the calorie count multiplies by serving size right?
Anise: Yep. And this is one serving. Am I missing any toppings?