Episode 345 - Undeniably Catchy

Undeniably Catchy

November 14, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

So why does Kana love the Mimpii Club so much? Let's count the reasons...

Comic Transcription

Undeniably Catchy

Panel 1: Anise has Anpan on her head and they are hanging out with Kana and Nemu. Ani is checking out one of Kana's Mimpii Club discs.

Anise: Hey Kana... Why are you so into this Mimpii Club?

Panel 2: Kana tells Ani why she loves Mimpii Club so much...
Kana: Well... I like how they're all ordinary girls... just like us!

Panel 3: Kana thinks...
Kana: But over time, they all become stars by working very hard!

Panel 4: Anpan blurts out and Ani looks peeved! Kana and Nemu are quite excited to be talking about Mimpii Club!
Kana: Oh! And their songs are undeniably catchy!
Anpan: Ani work real hard to shing da "Ooah! Ooah" Parts!
Anise: Err- yeah... thanks Anpan...