Episode 356 - Ready for the World

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Ready for the World

December 8, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Kana and the pups wake up and get ready to face the world!

Comic Transcription

Ready for the World

Panel 1: Kana and the pups wake up!
Kana, Nemu and Anpan: YAWN!

Panel 2: Kana has some tea, Nemu has some jammed toast and Anpan has ketchup and cheese on his toast.
Kana: ahhhhhhhhh!
Nemu: Nyama, nyama toast!
Anpan: Oh my pizza! Ish breakyfast pizza! Can Anpan shtay with Kana Mama forever?

Panel 3: Kana does her hair while the pups brush their fur with a tooth brush.
Anpan: No wonder Nemu shtay sho clean!
Nemu: Gots to look da bestest! *brush* *brush*

Panel 4: Kana heads out to face the day!
Kana: Okay world - Here I come!