Episode 357 - Vote Kana!

Vote Kana!

December 10, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Word is getting out about Kana running for class representative... but what are they saying?

Comic Transcription

Vote Kana!

Panel 1: Kana arrives at school and is immediately greeted by two of her classmates.
Kana: Mornin'
Classmate: We're TOTALLY looking forward to your PERFORMANCE later today!

Panel 2: Kana wonders what her classmates are snickering about as she wanders down the hallway...
Kana: Performance? What was that all about?
Classmates: hee hee hee
Kana: EH?!

Panel 3: Kana sees all of the campaign posters that Anise made... but she hung them all over the school!
Kana: What?! ANI!
Signs: Fro-yo fans unite! Vote Kana! Vote 4 a STAR! (picture of Kana dancing) Be a Henshin Hero! Vote Kana. Don't be left behind! Vote Kana (photo of Kana dancing), Mimpii Girls <3 Kana! No Nemesis! Boo Boo Boo