Episode 363 - And the Winner is...

And the Winner is...

December 22, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

So who won the elections... well... that's a tough one to explain as Kana finds out.

Comic Transcription

Every Vote Counts

Panel 1: Kana is carrying Anise's bag for her since she's using crutches. They are walking home from school.
Anise: So, where's my good news?
Kana: Well...

Panel 2: Anise can't wait to hear the good news. She's in good spirits!
Kana: Sort of good news.
Anise: Huh?

Panel 3: Kana slowly explains to her how things went.
Kana: You know how every vote counts, right?

Panel 4: Anise looks shocked...
Kana: We were missing ONE vote. Yours.

Panel 5: Kana knows what's coming... Anise is just a bit perturbed.
Kana: It was a tie.

Panel 6: Ani throws her crutches in the air and screams!
Anise: WHAT?!